Operating in Nebraska since 1959, LSPC(Lincoln Sport Parachute Club) is your best choice for skydiving in Nebraska. We are the same group that runs the annual Redemption Boogie in Plattsmouth Nebraska and can be seen jumping flags into numerous local events including College World Series at TD Ameritrade Park. LSPC offers a wide array of Skydiving disciplines: Tandem Jumps, RW, Freeflying, and Wingsuiting. If you are interested in experiencing your first skydive we have the best USPA licensed Static Line and Tandem Instructors in Nebraska. LSPC offers the very best in Exhibition Jumps, the perfect idea for adding excitement to any event!

Jumping out of an airplane is an awesome, and sometimes life changing experience. There are risks involved of course but at LSPC safety is our #1 priority.

All instructors and coaches at LSPC hold current USPA ratings and are certified in the disciplines of Static Line and Tandem skydiving. We are highly proficient at performing the task of training skydivers. We have the experience, knowledge, and equipment to provide a professional, full-service, safe skydiving operation.

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