We’re doing it again!
Make a skydive from 13,500 feet in Plattsmouth.

October 7th-9th at Plattsmouth Municipal Airport

We’re brining the Skydive Chicago Twin Otter back for the weekend of October 7th-9th at Plattsmouth Airport. We will be offering tandem skydives all weekend long. It’s the last time in 2016 to check skydiving off your bucket list. And you get to do it out of a larger, faster aircraft!

  • Get higher faster with the most experienced skydive instructors in the Midwest
  • Only 15 minutes from Bellevue; centrally located between Omaha and Lincoln
  • Organized by the longest-running skydiving group in the Midwest (est. in 1959)
  • No hidden fees

Due to Nebraska’s liability laws, the MINIMUM age to make a skydive is 19. Sorry, no exceptions, even with a parent’s permission.

The cost of your skydiving experience includes all equipment, training, and a certified USPA tandem instructor. There are no HIDDEN FEES or up-charges here.  Don’t get fooled thinking you’re paying less upfront, driving several hours from the Omaha area to only find out it costs you more than just staying close to home.  We are here to make your experience the best it can possibly be.  Please read the Tandem FAQ for common questions, clothing, and personal preparations that are recommended prior to your skydiving experience.

Please be aware that the weather the day of the skydive plays a very large roll in making a tandem skydive. We may be delayed by low clouds or high winds.  We will only make tandem skydives when the weather safe for the tandem pair.

The total cost for one tandem jump at LSPC is $250.

There is a $50 deposit per jumper to reserve a time for your jump and is part of the total cost.
  • Please note the $50 deposit is part of the total cost and is non-refundable.
  • If you have to cancel your scheduled time please call us as soon as possible so we can reschedule your jump.
  • Please note your deposit is forfeited if you do not give at least 1 weeks notice if you need to reschedule or you do not show up for your scheduled time without calling in advance.
Things to know before registering:
  • Minimum age requirement is 19 (no exceptions so please don’t ask)
  • No, your parent or guardian can’t sign anything to allow you to jump under 19
  • You must provide a valid government-issued photo ID
  • If you look under 30 you will not be allowed to jump without a valid photo ID
  • The weight limit is 220 lbs for men and 200 for women. You must be height/weight proportionate.  The harness has to fit your body properly to safely make the skydive.
  • In certain circumstances we can accommodate larger jumpers up to 250 lbs.  Must be approved in advance by calling us.
  • Over 220 lbs up to 250 lbs is subject to a $1.00 per pound surcharge.  Please call 402-326-8470 before registering  (Over 220 must be known in advance).
  • There are no exceptions for anyone over 250 lbs
  • If you have ear or sinus issues please consult your physician prior to signing up.
  • Absolutely no alcohol or drugs in your system.
  • The staff at LSPC are not medical professionals.  If you have a condition that you think will prevent you from making a tandem jump please consult a medical professional before signing up.
  • Some conditions or diseases may preclude your participation in parachuting activities.  Some conditions may also require a medical opinion before participating in parachuting activities.
  • There are some physical limitations that may require instructor approval to jump.
  • The decision to make the jump is up to the Tandem Instructor.  If He/She does not feel it would be safe to make the skydive then it will not happen.
  • If you have a disability that you think will prevent you from making a Tandem Jump please contact us directly.  We may still be able to accommodate you.
  • PLEASE PLAN FOR AT LEAST 3-4 HOURS TO COMPLETE YOUR TANDEM SKYDIVE.  Other skydiving activities are going on throughout the day as well.

Further questions can be directed to tandem@skydivelspc.com  or call 402-326-8470

Video or photos are $100.00 per person or get both for $125.00

The videographer can only record one tandem pair at a time.

With this option a freefall videographer can capture your experience, filming the skydive and landing, as well as ‘candid’ interviews, special effects and music, producing a professional quality DVD or still pictures, usually ready before you leave! Be sure to ask about this exciting offer when you are contacted! Lincoln Sport Parachute Club will do our best but cannot guarantee the availability of a freefall cameraman for any particular jump. The unavailability of a cameraman, even if requested in advance, will not be considered grounds for cancellation of a Tandem jump.

  • We follow USPA basic safety requirements regarding cameras.  You are a Student on the skydive.  And as a student you may not carry or wear a camera on any skydive. 
  • So for everyone’s safety you are not allowed to take your personal camera, cell phone or GoPro on the jump.

Once your registration has been received you will receive an e-mail to verify your registration.

If you have any questions in regards to making a tandem skydive please contact: tandem@skydivelspc.com or 402-326-8470

Experienced jumpers: NO REGISTRATION. Just three days of fun and relaxing skydives. Beer and dinner Saturday night at the dropzone back in Weeping Water.

No events available…