Tandem Skydive


Everything needed to make a tandem skydive.  Gear rental and packing included!

DVD Video or Still photos avaiable $90.00 or get both for only $110.00


Static Line Training (First Jump Course)


First jump course includes everything needed to make your first jump.  Classroom training, gear rental, instructor and the first jump.  No hidden costs to make your first jump!

Static Line jumps after completion of FJC  $60.00. Price includes instructor/coach, jump, and gear rental.

5 Jump Package $250.00 (After completion of First Jump Course)(must be purchased before 2nd jump and can only be used by the purchaser can’t be shared between multiple people) this is for jumps, instructor and gear rental for 5 jumps.

Complete “A” license package (up to 30 jumps) $1500.00  USPA requires a minimum of 25 jumps to attain your basic license.

The “A” license package includes all instructor/coach fees, gear rental,parachute packing and the jumps of course.  No additional charges if you purchase the “A’ license package.  (up to 30 jumps)


Experienced Jumpers

up to 4000 ft    $15.00
10,000 ft             $25.00


Gear Rental

$25.00 per jump* (Our rental gear is for student purposes.  Students take first priority!)


LSPC Tee Shirts

$15.00 Short Sleeve
$20.00 Long Sleeve


LSPC Tumbler Glasses

Check back for price and availability


LSPC Bumper Stickers

$7.00 & $10.00 Check for availability.