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Tandem Skydive

We now offer 2 altitudes:

1)  Economy jump from 8,000 feet!  Around 15 seconds of free fall!

Price is $199 (as low as $171 with a group discount)


2)  Standard jump from 10,000 feet!  Double the free fall time of the Economy jump!

Price is $250 (as low as $215 with a group discount)

Everything needed to make a tandem skydive.  No hidden fees!

  • Includes gear rental, packing, plane ride and instructor
  • 15-minute training video and ground instruction
  • We will go up to 13,500 feet during special events – for the same price as the Standard tandem jump
  • Discounts for military and groups of four or more
 Tandem Photo & Video Packages
  •  Professionally-edited video of your tandem skydive $100
  •  Sill Photos without video $100
  •  Video and Still photos $125

Static Line Skydiving School First Jump Course


The first jump course includes everything needed to make your first jump (no hidden fees!)

  • Classroom training
  • Gear rental
  • Static line instructor
  • Lift ticket
A-License Progression Student Jumps


Continue the progression towards your A license with subsequent student jumps. Each jump ticket includes:

  • Gear rental
  • Static line instructor/coach instruction
  • Lift ticket

* Successful completion of the First Jump Course and student currency is required to purchase Student Jumps.

Complete “A” License Package!


Get your USPA “A” license for one flat fee (up to 30 jumps; the USPA requires a minimum of 25 jumps to attain your basic license.)

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