About Us


Lincoln Sport Parachute Club (LSPC) is located on a private airport just outside Weeping Water, NE, equidistant from Omaha and Lincoln. Our Club owns two Cessna 182 planes, the most widely used airplane in the skydiving industry. LSPC, established in 1959, is one of the oldest clubs in the United States and has over 70 club members that enjoy the sport of skydiving as often as we can.


1988 Weeping Water DZ


Our methods of training vary to fit your needs. Whether you plan on making 1 or 1,000 jumps, we’re glad to have you here. We are group members of the United States Parachute Association (USPA), the largest group of skydivers in the world. All of our instructors and coaches are certified by USPA and hold the utmost respect in following the guidelines and methods set forth by that organization to guide you to the best skydiving career possible.

You will find out that LSPC offers much more than skydiving. The social scene is very unique. The bonds you make here, and with skydivers worldwide, last a lifetime. Skydiving will do whatever you want – it can enhance or define your life. No matter what, the impact will be a positive, successful one! We invite you to come by and immerse yourself in the sport of skydiving. Have fun, relax and open your mind to a world of possibilities…..


2017 Board Members

President: Chuck Crinklaw

Vice President: Greg Hladik

Training Officer: Lee Baney

Treasurer: Craig Navickas

Secretary: Leah Reichwaldt

Board at Large: Justin Wiles

Board at Large: Rodney Florechinger