Weight & Age Limits

Your safety is our #1 priority. Please be familiar with our weight and age limits to enjoy a safe and exciting skydive.

Who can make a skydive?

All jumpers must be 19 years old on the day of their skydive (unfortunately, no exceptions can be made, even with a parent’s permission due to Nebraska’s laws).

Due to the high speed of a tandem skydive and the stress that’s put on the tandem parachute and equipment, jumpers must weigh 220 pounds or less in most cases (though it is possible for us to take jumpers who weigh up to 250 pounds if we can pair them with a smaller tandem instructor, but this must be coordinated in advance by calling us; there is a surcharge of $1 per pound over 220 pounds). Static line skydivers are limited to 220 pounds.

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