Gift Certificates

***We frequently have promo codes on our facebook page for discounted gift certificates and skydiving.  Be sure to visit our page to save $$$.   

Looking for a unique gift idea?

At Lincoln Sport Parachute Club, Skydiving gift certificates make a great gift for any occasions!  Surprise that special someone with a once-in-a-lifetime experience with qualified professionals.

Tandem skydive – $285.00 per person

  •   Video OR Photos for an additional $100.00
  •   Video AND Photos for an additional $125.00 

Learn to Skydive Solo – Static Line class & first jump – $195.00 

  •  Video option is not available for solo jumps


  1. As soon as your order is received the certificate(s) will be made and e-mailed automatically.
  2. If you have any further questions you may e-mail our training officer at info@skydivelspc.com
  3. Please note the minimum age limit is 19 years old on the day of the jump (No Exceptions).
  4. Also the weight limit is 220 lbs and you must be height/weight proportionate.


    Disclaimer: Make sure you know where you are jumping before purchasing a Gift Certificate online. Most on-line sellers say they sell for Nebraska jump centers, but are you WILL be driving several hours and usually out of state to make your jumps. If they will not give you the Dropzone name and exact location prior to you booking your skydive, watch out!
    Please Note: We are NOT affiliated with SkydiveNebraska.com. We do not honor gift certificates bought from them.  We are also not affiliated with Spot Reservations.  We do not honor certificates purchased from them. We only accept Gift certificates purchased  from us through this website. Any questions, contact us 402-326-8470.