Why should I choose LSPC to make my skydive?

Safety is our number one priority.
Our equipment is some of the most up to date student gear available.
Our student equipment is maintained by a FAA certified parachute rigger.
We have some of the most experienced instructors in the Midwest to assist you in your skydive training.
We have 2 airplanes to make sure that we can accommodate your skydiving needs.

What are the requirements?

Minimum age to make a skydive in Nebraska is 19.  No exceptions.  Nebraska Law requires a person to be of legal age of majority to sign the required waivers.  In Nebraska a Parent may not sign a waiver releasing a minor child’s liability away.  If you do find a place in Nebraska that will violate this simple rule WHAT ELSE will they do and what other things are they willing to do?
We have had people as old as 92 make a skydive.
As long as your in good physical condition and meet our weight requirements then you should be good to go.
Weight requirements are as follows.
Static Line jumps 220 lbs or less. You must be height weight proportionate.
Tandem Skydives 220 lbs or less and be height weight proportionate. ie if your 220 lbs and 4’9″ your not height weight proportionate.
The harness has to fit and fit properly to be able to make a tandem skydive. We will not sacrifice safety to take you on a skydive.
On occasion we can take tandem students up to 250 lbs if we have the proper instructor available. These are on a case by case basis and has to be discussed in advance.

I always wanted to make a skydive but I don’t know if I can do it.

We offer tandem skydives for people that are not sure that they could handle doing it alone.

I know I want to be a skydiver What is the best way for me to do it?

We offer static line training at LSPC.  Static Line Training is the oldest method of training people how to skydive.  No matter what method you choose to learn you have to complete a minimum of 25 skydives to attain the Basic “A” license.

Is it Safe?

As with any sport there is always a chance for injury.  We have highly trained instructors working with you to minimize the chances of anything happening.  We have some of the newest student equipment for you to use.  All of the student equipment is required by the FAA to have a a automatic opening device as a backup to your training.  Safety is our number one goal.  We want your experience to be as exciting as safe as possible.

How often can I jump?

We jump every weekend as long as the weather cooperates with us.  So you can jump as often as you like.  As a student there are certain wind requirements that we have to abide by so you may not be able to jump until the conditions are right.
As a student you must make 1 jump every 30 days to remain current. If you have not made a jump in over 30 up to 179 days then you will have to go through a re-currency training. There is a $25.00 charge plus a jump ticket to get current. If you have not made a jump in 180 days you will have to re-take the first jump course.

Where do you do your jumping?

Centrally located between Lincoln and Omaha.  We are about 1 mile east of Weeping Water Nebraska.  Browns Airport, 12615 Weeping Water Road, Weeping Water Nebraska

I want to video my experience can I bring my own camera?

Sorry,  You are not allowed to take a personal camera with you on your jump.  The FAA and USPA regulate who is allowed to carry a camera on the jump.  You have to be a licensed skydiver with a minimum of 150 skydives to be able to carry a camera on the jump.
We have professional skydivers that can video your tandem skydive. You can select this option during registration.
Unfortunately video is not available on Static Line Skydives.

Can my friends and family watch me make my jump?

Of course.  We welcome everyone to come out and watch you make you dreams come true.  For everyone’s safety they are not allowed in the landing area while skydiving is going on.

How long does it take to train and jump?

For static line training plan on up to 8 hours.  You have classroom training in the morning and jump after lunch.  Class size as well as weather conditions play a big roll in the length of the class.
For tandems We schedule jumpers every 2 hours. Scheduled times are only approximate so plan for up to 4 hours to complete your skydive.
Please keep in mind that the time frame can fluctuate with demand and weather. We have many skydiving activities going on throughout the day so please be patient.

I’m ready where do I sign up?

At the top of the page click the link to Skydive School.  Choose what type of jump you want to make then get signed up.