Tandem FAQ

How much does it cost?

Tandem skydives are $250.00 per person.  A $50.00 non refundable deposit per person is required to hold the spot.  The cost includes everything you will need to make the jump.  No extra Fee’s or gear rental costs

How do I sign up for a tandem?

We prefer that you use our on-line registration link. It is safe, secure and you reserve the spot that you want instantly. You can also print off the tandem registration form from our website. Fill it out and mail it, along with your deposit(s), to the mailing address on the form. (This method DOES NOT GUARENTEE you will receive the date you have requested) Sorry, we don’t take registrations over the phone. If mail is your only option please contact our training officer @ 402-326-8470 to arrange holding the date you request. Once your registration form and deposit is received, you’ll be contacted.

When can we jump?

Our season usually starts April and goes thru October.  Skydiving is dependent on the weather.  We do occasionally operate outside of months above if the weather cooperates.  Call us to see

Tandem jumps take place on Wednesdays and Friday evenings, Saturdays and Sundays all day. We will always try to accommodate special requests for other days.

I have some medical conditions can I still jump?

While some extreme medical conditions will prevent you from being able to make a skydive, There are very few things that will prevent you from making a tandem jump.  Please consult a Physician before signing up if you think your condition will prevent you from jumping.  We have instructors at LSPC that have taken thousands of students and are well versed in special conditions.  We have even taken paraplegics on skydives in the past.  One of our instructors has special rigging for just this purpose.  We take great pride in our ability to take you for the experience of a lifetime!  Please call in advance to be sure we have the proper staff available if you have a condition that might prevent you from making a tandem jump.

More about the jump:

After less than an hour of training your tandem master will gear up with a rig outfitted with a parachute large enough for two people. You’ll be attached together for your parachute jump from 10,000 feet above the earth. After a 20 – 25 minute ride to altitude you will exit the aircraft for an exciting freefall lasting about 30 seconds. At about 5000 feet, you or your tandem master will then deploy your main parachute for a peaceful 3 to 5 minute ride back to the dropzone. You’re friends and family can be near the area to take photos and greet you!

Can I get my skydive on video?

Yes!  We at LSPC have the staff to professionally record your tandem skydive.  The video jumper will record candid interviews with you and go along with you on your skydive.  On most occasions you will receive your DVD before you leave the dropzone.  Unfortunately for safety reasons you will not be allowed to bring along a personal camera on your skydive.

How large of a group can sign up for tandems?

We prefer the groups to be 12 people or less. We will accept larger groups but please call for availability. If your group is larger than 12, you could also sign up to jump during one of our many turbine events. We can accept groups of any size during this event. More info regarding our event can be found on the Events page on our website.

Do you offer group discounts?

We generally don’t offer group discounts for tandems. Feel free to contact our training officer if you have a group of 10 or more and we will see what we can do.  402-326-8470

What if I weigh over 220 lbs?

Due to the high speed of tandem freefall and the stress that’s put on the tandem parachute, we must abide by the 220 lb. weight limit in most cases. We can sometimes accommodate larger jumpers up to 250 lbs if we can pair them up with a smaller Tandem Instructor. This must be known in advance.   The jumper must be height /weight proportionate. Safety is always our number 1 goal.  If you are over 220 and less than 250 there will be a surcharge of $1.00 per pound over 220 to make the skydive

What do I wear?

Tennis shoes are recommended. Although it might seem logical to wear your sturdy hiking boots, if they have hooks on them they pose a safety issue. Sandals or open toe shoes do not offer enough support.

The temperature drops as you climb to altitude. We can provide you with a jumpsuit to cover your clothes and add an extra layer. On cooler days on the ground, it’s recommended you wear jeans and a sweatshirt for warmth. You may also bring a thin pair of gloves, which must be approved to wear on the jump. Please wear something that you don’t mind getting dirty or grass stained.

Long hair must be tied up for your own safety. We can provide you with a soft helmet as well.

Piercings, beyond the normal ear types, and jewelry should be removed as well for your safety.

Can I change the date of my jump once it is scheduled?

Yes.  We ask you to give us at least one week notice so we have a chance to offer your spot to someone else.  We have people on the waiting list that we would like to accommodate if you can’t show up.  If you don’t show up for your skydive on the day you scheduled it and without notice you will forfeit your deposit and will not be allowed to reschedule your jump without paying another deposit.

What if the weather looks bad on my scheduled day?

You may call ahead or show up for your scheduled class (it’s up to you).   We can always train you. It’s the jumping that we may have to postpone. We’ll simply re-schedule the actual jump for another day. Just remember the weather may be bad where you are but perfectly jump-able at the dropzone.

How many tandems jump at one time?

Normal weekends we have the ability to take 2 people at the same time if 2 tandem instructors are available.  On occasion we bring in larger aircraft and we can accommodate larger groups on those weekends.  During our Redemption Boogie (3rd or 4th weekend in July), we can jump several at a time. Click here for more info regarding our club boogie.  We do not guarantee that more than 1 jump at a time.  How many jump at a time is based on aircraft and instructor availability.  We do our best to accommodate your requests but just can’t guarantee you can jump together.

I had the time of my life.  Can I tip my instructor?

Our instructors do this for the love of the sport.  But you may tip them if you like.  It is definitely appreciated.

More Questions?

I have other questions that aren’t answered here. Who do I contact to answer my questions?
Contact our training officer. Phone # 402-326-8470 The e-mail address is tandem@skydivelspc.com (if you choose e-mail, Please use Tandem Inquiries as the Subject Line).