What to Expect During Your Tandem Skydive

Here’s a quick guide to show you what to expect during your first tandem skydive.

1. Pre-jump training

Before making your skydive we will walk you through the skydive, have you watch an orientation video, and explain the safety features of our tandem equipment, including the automatic activation device. Your instructor will help you gear up for your jump about twenty minutes prior to making your skydive. If you've chosen to have a video of your skydive, your videographer or tandem instructor will record a short interview during this time.

2. Board the airplane

It's time to skydive! Your instructor will walk with you to the airplane. Your instructor will secure him or herself to the airplane and to you with one of the four-point hooks on your harness (one hook alone can hold 5,000 lbs.!)

3. Climb to altitude

Depending on your type of aircraft and atmospheric conditions, you'll arrive at your jumping altitude between 10 and 25. Take time to look out of the window and enjoy the view; you're about to jump out of the airplane!

4. Skydive!

You and your instructor will scoot to the door of the airplane. A quick "one, two, and three" and you're on your way out the door towards the landing area! Breathe, relax, and enjoy your skydive. (Yes, you can breathe perfectly fine at 120 MPH!)

5. Deploy the parachute

Before boarding the airplane your instructor may give you the option to pull the ripcord that starts the parachute deployment. At approximately 5,500 feet either him/her or you will pull the ripcord to open your parachute. It's a feeling that's similar to pressing the brake pedal in your car.

6. Land

Your instructor will guide you to the landing area. During this time it's important to keep your feet raised above you so the instructor touches the ground first. The landings are similar to stepping off of a step stool. Congratulations; you've made your first tandem skydive!

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