Static Line

The static line progression is perfect for someone who would like to make the jump alone, has time to invest in training and would like to make skydiving a life long hobby.  Static line is the original, best known method of learning to skydive.  A tether attached to the airplane automatically opens the parachute.  Your instruction begins Saturday morning with paperwork and a short briefing.   Saturday morning continues with the classroom and practical portion of your training.  You will take a written test after the classroom training.  After the classroom training and test  you will be ready to make your first jump!

After your classroom training, your instructor will help you gear up with your own parachute.  You will board the aircraft and climb to your exit altitude.  Once we are there your instructor will attach your static line to the airplane and guide you out of the plane.  With your classroom training and the help of our instructors, you will be guided back for your landing back on the ground.  After the skydive is completed you and your instructor will go over the skydive.

Please note the minimum age limit to make a skydive at LSPC is 19 (NO Exceptions). Also the weight limit is 220lbs. Further questions can be directed to Chris at

This is an example of a static line jump from the student jumper’s point of view. This was filmed by a static line instructor.  Static Line students are not allowed to wear a camera.


Students are required to attend a First Jump Course (FJC) before making their first static line jump. Also please note the minimum age limit to make a skydive at LSPC is 19(NO Exceptions) and the weight limit is 220lbs.


Static Line Class and 1 jump – $175.00

Additional student jump – $60.00

5 jump pack (jumps 2-6) – $250.00 After you have already taken the First Jump Course (saves you $50.00) Can’t be shared has to be used by the purchaser.

Full “A” license pack(up to 30 jumps) – $1500.00

The cost of your skydiving experience includes coaching by a certified USPA Instructor, all classroom training, course test, and first static line skydive. Please read the Static Line FAQ for clothing and personal preparations that are recommended prior to your skydiving experience. Classes of 12 or less will be taught in one day on Saturday mornings and more than 12 will usually begin on Friday evening and finish the following morning. Please view our calendar below for scheduled course dates.

Please note  LSPC requires a $50 dollar deposit per jumper to reserve a time for your jump and is part of the total cost. Your deposit is part of the total cost of the course and is non-refundable. We require a 48 hour notice if you can’t attend or need to reschedule the class you chose.  If you do not give us the required notice your deposit will be forfeited and you will have to pay the $50.00 deposit to get rescheduled.  Once your registration and deposit have been received you will contacted via e-mail or phone to verify your registration. If you have any questions in regards to making a Static Line Skydive please contact: us at – or via cell at 1-970-988-6672.

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